In Spring 2013, Project P6: A Program-based Portfolio and Professional Development Project to improve Pre-Service Teachers’ Writing Performance (P6) was funded as an IDW action plan to improve writing for undergraduate students in pre-service teacher preparation programs. P6 focused on professional development to support preK-6 faculty’s understanding of diversity issues and the creation of diversity-focused writing and sharing assignments hosted in a program-based digital portfolio. Specifically, it aimed to improve pre-service teachers’ writing by: 1) providing professional development; 2) engaging faculty in the collaborative development of interrelated writing assignments; and 3) developing a digital repository to support interaction with student writing across the preK-6 program.

In  Fall 2015, we were funded to continue the work of this project. In light of recent national and international events that serve to remind us that a deeper understanding of and empathy for  diverse populations is  greatly needed, we are even more committed to the ideas, perspectives and activities that this project espouses.