1. Students will read the article, Using Their Words: Six Elements of Social Justice Curriculum Design for the Elementary Classroom (Picower, 2012) (IDW Rubric, SLO
  1. Students will view the Social Justice Education (SJE) project, Amanda’s Tale of Two Cities by Jennifer Spitz (available at http://amandastale.wordpress.com/page/4/) (IDW Rubric, SLO 2)
  2. Students will use the Reading and Production (RAP) strategy to select an issue related to literacy and culturally responsive teaching and locate at least 4 other articles or media (credible sources) related to their topic (IDW Rubric, SLO 1 & 2)
  3. Using “Amanda’s Tale” as a model, students will create a multi-media text for their choice of grade level to address the selected diversity topic in an age- appropriate manner that also addresses a minimum of 3 of the elements of SJE (IDW Rubric, SLO 3,4,5)
  4. Using the information gathered on their RAP, students will write a five-page paper with references in APA style for a professional/peer audience.  (IDW Rubric, SLO 1-6).
  5. Students will post links to their multimodal projects ( YouTube, etc.) to this site and share  with peers at conference style “round-table” presentations at Midterm.